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Hammond SKX & SK1


Affordable Financing Available!

- Own The Hammond SKX Organ For $57.00/mo
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1 - Own The Hammond Portable XK-1C Organ For $50.00/mo.

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2 - Own The Hammond Portable SK-1C Organ For $53.00/mo.

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3. Own The Hammond Portable SKX Organ For $59.00/mo.

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- Own The SKX Complete w/XPK200L Pedal Board, Sk2 Stand & 1/2 Moon Switch & Gig Bag

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5 - Own The SK1-73 For $56.00/mo.

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6 - Own The SK1-88 For $59.00/mo.

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7 - Now Own The Hammond XK-3C For $56.00/mo.

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Consider the perfect Leslie Amp for the SK2's - LS2215 Leslie

7 - Now Own The Leslie LS2215 For $56.00/mo.

Call For Info & Pricing 973-870-0049 - Ask For Vince Seneri & Email

With The Great Leslie Simulator In The SK Product Line!

Consider The Perfect Portable PA's System For You New Hammond SK Product!

YAMAHA STAGE PAS 600i Portable PA System!

Perfect For All Hammond Organs, Keyboards, Guitars,Vocals & More!

Here's The Best Part! It's


Quentin Waller, Goldsboro, NC, USA

My New Hammond SK2

By Quentin Waller - Testimonial - 1/16/2016

As an up and coming young musician, I must say that I am well pleased with the service I received from Vince Seneri and Hammond Organ World.A great deal that I just couldn't pass up!

The Sk2 in my opinion is the best sounding portable b3 for home, church, or any other type of event, and it doesn't take up much space. I received many compliments on this keyboard!

I would recommend Hammond Organ World to any church or anyone who wants to plays music, you will be satisfied. I'm looking forward to doing business with Vince Seneri and Hammond Organ World again in the future!

Quentin Waller

Comos Gallaro - Colts Neck, NJ - USA

My New Hammond SK1-76 & Yamaha Stagepas 600i!

Mr. Vince Seneri
Hammond Organ World


Dear Vince,

Thank you for making my Christmas wish come true! I have wanted the Hammond SK1 ever since I played on one. It sounds great especially with the Yamaha Stage Pass 600i Portable PA system.

I’m having a lot of fun playing songs like Green Onions, Riders on the Storm, Jessica, Dark Side of the Moon and so many others. I never expected to get both the SK1 and the PA system but my mom and dad said you really helped them decide on how to put it all together.

My dad said we got the same PA system you had when we came to see you perform at Andrea’s Restaurant. I still can’t believe it! Words can never really express how thankful I am that you helped make my Christmas the best ever.

I hope to meet you again one day and who knows maybe even play a song or two together. For now I’m just going to keep on playing.

Cosmo Gallaro

Claude - From Connecticut, USA

His New SK1 Hammond - Testimonial


Hey Vince,

It was a pleasure and easy communicating with you over the phone (you answered all the time on the first ring) and emails. You "know" keyboards and that's why I bought my SK-1 from you with confidence (keyboard player to keyboard player). You're bottom price -was- bottomed-priced after searching across the web.

Great service and follow up. I'll buy and recommend you to my fellow keyboard players.


Tom Pass - Hamilton Square, NJ - USA

Veteran B3 Player Now Owns A New Hammond SK2!

Tom Pass is a veteran B3 player has primarily been on the Philly scene for much of his musical career. He is most often associated with the Bob Smith Trio but has also freelanced and worked with many of the past and present greats such as Richie Cole, Eddie McFadden, Junior Cook, Cecil Payne, Billy James, Eric Alexander, and many others. Tom is still very much actively performing and is retired from the Trenton Public Schools where he served as the Supervisor of Fine and Performing Arts with the responsibility of the implementation all arts programs in the city schools. His Hammond SK2 will be immediately put to work!

A letter to Hammond Suzuki, USA From Tom Pass About Vince Seneri & Hammond Organ World!

March 4, 2012

Hammond Suzuki USA, Inc.
733 Annoreno Drive
Addison, IL 60101

To Whom It May Concern,

I have recently purchased a Hammond SK-2 package from Hammond World in Florham Park, NJ and thought it appropriate to share my experience regarding this transaction.

To anyone in market for a keyboard I must first say that Vince Seneri of Hammond World is not a “salesman” or just another very talented musician, he is truly a knowledgeable ” representative” of a company that is the manufacturer of quality state of the art musical equipment.

It is important to note that not only does he have an outstanding professional demeanor but he also possesses a thorough knowledge of keyboards not restricted to Hammond Suzuki products.

What is so gratifying is that Mr. Seneri clearly demonstrates a willingness to listen to his prospective customers and skillfully brings valuable personal insight into the context of the conversation. Most importantly, he provides the appropriate guidance that is required to allow the customer to make an informed decision.

His demeanor and shared knowledge allows one to gain an immediate comfort level and a sense of confidence knowing that you are talking to the right person regarding the purchase of a musical instrument that will best meet your needs. Thanks to Mr. Seneri and Hammond Suzuki USA, I expect to enjoy many good years with my SK-2.

Sincerely, Thomas A. Passerella
CC: Mr. Vince Seneri

By Eric McClendon:

Finally My Hammond SK2 & Leslie 3300 Package!


Testimonial By Eric McClendon:



You beat every other dealer's price that offer the Hammond SK2 organ in America and yes, you really know your stuff! Believe me I know I called everybody! I feel like I have a "present" from you and your dealership.

Vince I can't thank you enough for your professionalism and great knowledge of the Hammond organs you play and sell. You're truly an expert! I also can't believe the affordable financing plan you got me! Great low rate and really affordable payments making a great package for me!

The SK2 and 3300 Leslie speaker really sound great together! Lightweight thirty two pound organ and very portable with an truly authentic heavy B3 sound and feel. The extra voices sound great to, they really make you want to play. Lastly you were right, the Hammond SK2 and Leslie 3300 speaker make a perfect match!

In closing, to all musicians who want to purchase any Hammond organ or Leslie speaker, I highly recommend Vince Seneri and his company Hammond Organ World! Hammond Organ World is the best place to buy any Hammond organ or Leslie speaker.

Hey Vince, looking forward to coming back to your company and purchasing the Yamaha Tyros 4 keyboard next.

Best Wishes & Happy New Year!

Eric McClendon, Newtonville, NJ, USA