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My Viscount Legend Organ-John Gualtieri
Testimonial - My New Viscount Legend Organ - John Gualtieri


Testimonial - My New Viscount Legend Organ - John Gualtieri

A story that has to be told.  My first love was a blue ‘69 Chevelle Super Sport.  What a beauty she was, fast and powerful but just to much to handle so I let her go. Sad.But along came a ‘64 cherry wood Hammond B3 and her friend Leslie.  Wow!  Love at first sight.  It was a wonderful long term relationship that only men can dream about. 

They could purr like kittens or growl like vixens.  It was tough to keep them both happy here in Pennsylvania and so they left me for a younger gentlemen in Lucca Italy to live the fine life and grow old together.  But  I just couldn’t live without them so I tried so many clones but never really happy.  Until, SHE came along, “V. LEGEND”.  I am having a midlife crisis!  I am so head over heals for her.  So so much like my real ladies Bea and Leslie all rolled into one.  She can purr and growl or even get nasty! 

Kudos, to Elvio over in Italy, the man behind the curtain for sticking with her and teaming up with Viscount to bring her to production.  It was a long wait but well worth it, Bravo!  Credit to Lars Hamre & Ultra Funk too I am sure for getting her to sound so perfect.   I predict many men will be having great affairs with her.  My mistress now lives with me.  Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, don’t tell my wife!  It’s all Vince Seneri’s fault for hooking me up and with the best price anywhere in the USA. Thank you thank you thank you!  So I am a happy man again and will be spending many hours with V. LEGEND. 

Well, as long as my wife lets me anyway.  LOL.  
Thanks Vince!

Johnny G.